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IROKO Shadow Gap Cladding


IROKO is an African Hardwood. When freshly cut or unexposed to light it has a distinct yellow colour which cures to a rich golden brown. The grain is coarse, yet even, enhancing the natural beauty of the wood. Iroko is also known as ‘African Teak’ because of its similar appearance and durability.

IROKO as a cladding is extremely versatile, dynamic hardwood, suitable for a wide range of interior and exterior applications.

Rainshield Cladding (also known as rainscreen) is a highly durable, modern looking cladding.

Rainshield gives an extremely modern look with bold straight lines and and is therefore quite frequently specified by architects on new builds.

The edges of the Rainshield profile are slanted so water run-off is caught and directed over the front of the board below. A gap is left between each board to allow air circulation around each piece.

We supply IROKO Rainscreen cladding without any knots in 3 meters lengths.

The finish thickness is 20mm

The price listed is per m2!

Lead time is between 5-8 working days.

Delivery or postage to be discussed!

Please contact us for more information or to discuss your project with our carpenter to see how we can help!