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Grooved Red Grandis Decking 140x22 - Solid Hardwood


Enhance Your Outdoor Oasis with Red Grandis Hardwood Decking

Transform your outdoor space with the premium quality of Red Grandis Hardwood, also known as Rose Gum or Flooded Gum. Renowned for its durability and natural beauty, this timber is the perfect choice for decking that stands the test of time.

Why Choose Red Grandis Hardwood Decking?

1. Exceptional Durability: Built to withstand diverse weather conditions and resist pests, ensuring your decking stays strong and beautiful for years with minimal upkeep.

2. Aesthetic Excellence: Featuring a striking straight grain and hues ranging from light pink to deep red, Red Grandis enhances the aesthetic appeal of any home exterior, creating a stunning visual impact.

3. Easy to Work With: Crafted for ease of machining, gluing, and finishing, allowing for both intricate designs and straightforward installations. Perfect for achieving your desired decking style effortlessly.

4. Sustainable Choice: Sourced from responsibly managed plantations, Red Grandis is eco-friendly and supports sustainable forestry practices, making it a conscious choice for environmentally-aware homeowners.

5. Cost-Effective Investment: Long-term savings due to its durability and low maintenance requirements, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

6. Versatile Applications: Ideal for a variety of decking projects, from contemporary to classic designs, offering versatility to match your unique style preferences.

7. Stable and Reliable: Engineered for stability and minimal movement, ensuring precise fitting and long-lasting performance in any climate.

Additional Details:

  • Planed all round for a smooth, refined finish and anti-slippery groove.
  • Supplied untreated for customization with your preferred decking oils or waxes.
  • Machined in our Lewes workshop for quality assurance.
  • Price per linear meter for easy project planning.
  • Supplied in lengths 2.4m - 4m.
  • Lead times vary from 5-15 working days, dependent on stock and order volume.
  • Free delivery on orders £500+; shipping options available at checkout for distances under 40 miles.

Elevate your outdoor living experience with Red Grandis Hardwood Decking. Invest in quality, sustainability, and timeless appeal for your home. Order now to enhance your outdoor space with premium craftsmanship and enduring beauty.